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The Team


Kara Blalock

Founder , Principal Designer

With her no-nonsense attitude and a heart of gold, Kara offers ReFresh Home the perfect blend of business and personal. Starting out as a licensed realtor and with years in new construction, she found her passion in the value that good design and decor can bring to a home. She excels in creating one-of-a-kind designs and finding the most efficient use for your space. Being a wife, and a mom to three busy boys, it is no surprise that she has a knack for pulling things together and finding the beauty in chaos.

Hannah Clayton



You'll never have a truly rainy day when you're around Hannah. She's our personal ray of sunshine. As an artist, Hannah has a constant air of creativity about her. She works with our customers, styles our store, paints art to fill our walls, and greets us all daily with a hug and a smile. Hannah is a team motivator, always ready to stay late or help with anything we can come up with.

Diane Frederickson



Sweet and smart, organized and flexible, Diane has the ideal personality to juggle the demands and manage the details of an ever-changing business. At ReFresh, she is usually behind the scenes, keeping everything running, but she's also quick to jump in and help anywhere she's needed. Her brilliant  personality, sharp wit, and infectious laugh make her a perfect fit for our team.

Maddie McKissick


Maddie is our newest face at ReFresh and the best surprise we could've had. She's the baby of the team and our weekend warrior. Maddie spends all of her Saturdays working in our store and is always willing to come in at a moments notice. She works the register, helps with inventory, works her magic on the pillow combinations, and basically walks around with both hands out- ready to offer them up for whatever we need.

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