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A Scandinavian Bohemian Rustic Traditional Master Bedroom

You may have just read the title of this blog post and thought, "What does that mean?" or "Does that even make sense?". Well, you're not alone, because that's exactly what we said after using those words to describe this master bedroom we designed for the House for Hope in Franklin, TN.

Let's just start by taking a look at the finished product...

(Photographs by Daniel Bear)

Also, let's just say how much we fell IN LOVE with this finished product.

Most people think that when we put together a space we have a brilliant design plan from the start. And we did... at the start...

When we were first asked to participate in the House for Hope, we knew we wanted to do something fun and different. A color that we loved and had also been trending was Rose Quartz, and we knew we wanted to incorporate Rose into this design. We were sitting in the office talking about how much we loved Rose Pink, Rose Gold, and Sparkling Rose` when Kara and Lauren, at the same time, noticed Lauren's scarf. It was the perfect inspiration for the room. Lauren immediately went online and ordered three more of her scarves to turn them into pillows.

And look how great they turned out. From there, everything just started falling into place. Especially when we casually stumbled across a 600 dollar, 40 inch wide, Plumage Stripe Feather pillow by Dransfield & Ross. It also just happened to come in the perfect color.

And then we found a one-of-a-kind beautiful vintage Persian rug.

It all seemed too good to be true and we were so excited to put it all together. We waited months and months anticipating the day we could get in this stunning house to put it all together.

And then came the day of the photo shoot. We loaded everything up in the Yukon... and the Range Rover... and the Ford Focus.... oh, and the Uhaul; and our team headed out to throw this bad boy together. There was just one problem.... we had about 10 problems. Nothing seemed to go together in the actual space. So we held tight to our Persian beauty and our 600 dollar pillow and tossed out the rest.

You know how they say you can't always plan life? Turns out you can't always plan a master bedroom either. Sometimes you have to brainstorm a new plan in the heat of the moment.

Sometimes you have to hide behind fabric to give the team a good visual of what the drapes will look like.

(Thanks, Lauren for being a good sport)

Sometimes you have to do a quick upholstering job on a bench in the floor, the morning of the photo shoot.

Sometimes you have to divide and conquer to gather supplies. And then sometimes- with 12 hours, a completely new idea for your bedding, three men to hang a chandelier, and a few paint cans- it all comes together and you end up with this: A Scandinavian, Bohemian, Rustic, Traditional Master Bedroom.

Also, here's a few quotes about planning that we just want to leave here. Because if it applies to life, then it must apply to design as well, and that makes this all okay.

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