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Design Trend: We're blushing.

We've done our research and put together a list of the top 2018 design trends.

Today, we're starting with one of our favorites- blush pink. It's everywhere you look. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, phone cases... and now- it's for the home.

Even our artists are picking up on the trend. The rosy color added so much to this, what would have been, neutral abstract by local artist Wendy Fiedor.

The best thing about these blush tones is that they can pass as a neutral and a pop of color at the same time. No one said that pink has to be loud, youthful, or too girly. You can incorporate it in a way that adds just the right amount of color and the perfect feminine touch.

Tossing a cozy throw blanket on a chair can add a little visual interest to your space.

Or even fresh cut flowers.

Or an adorable custom-made floral throw pillow.

There are so many ways to incorporate blush into your everyday decor! We can't wait to share with you, the many ways we continue to make use of this fun design trend.

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