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We're Ready For Commitment

We're adults now. Most of us have families. Just like you outgrew those fun, dead-end relationships in your 20s, we're outgrowing what we've recently coined "dead-end furniture."

Trust us, we get it. You're searching for that new piece for your family room, you've still got the sofa that was purchased for you when you got married. You do a quick google-search and you find an adorable sofa with an attractive price tag that will ship tomorrow. It's easy! It's fun! But, chances are- it's not going to last.

How many of you have done this? Purchased a sofa or a chair online, only to find a year or so later, it's no longer supportive and now you're starting over again.

Who's done treating your furniture like a summer-fling and ready for a long-term relationship?

If you're ready for the commitment, we're ready for you. It's time to introduce you to our grown-up upholstery line: Norwalk Furniture.

Photo by Daniel Bear Photography

Here's why Norwalk Furniture is the upholstery relationship you've been looking for.

1. Established

Norwalk has been around since 1902. They have long since established their craft. They know what they're doing. They're no amateurs!

2. Unique

Our favorite part about this furniture, as designers, is that they offer fully customized options. They aren't just like every other sofa or chair you come across; you can find one that is perfect for you. Comfort level, size, looks- you can pick and customize an option that will suit your lifestyle. With 100s of styles, and over 1000 fabrics- you can find what you're looking for.

3. Quality

Norwalk prides themselves in being made in the USA. Each order is personally entered and approved. The frames are carefully crafted, and mostly handmade. Upholstered by their team, on-site in Ohio. Thoroughly inspected before and after packing and loading. You're not getting a lazy, thrown together, mass-produced piece. You're getting a top-of-the-line product, made just for you, and with you in mind.

4. Financially Smart

I know we've all heard and said "You get what you pay for", and in the furniture industry we have to say that's partially true. However, at Norwalk, their mission is to provide you with the best product possible, for the lowest price they can. That's a major guideline for our buyers at ReFresh, when choosing lines for the store. We want you find pieces that will last for plenty of years and plenty of life, but we don't want you going into debt over your sofa. We know that it's not necessary. Norwalk offers an incredible product, for a reasonable price.

5. Efficient.

Another fan favorite feature is Norwalk's lead times. We know you're tired of waiting when it comes to what you want! That's the beauty of Norwalk. Now, sometimes good things take time; and that's true with upholstery too. But, just like Norwalk aims to build you a product that's both high-quality and budget-friendly; they want to offer a product that is well-made, without making you wait too long. That's why they offer 30 day turn-around time when you choose in-stock fabrics.

Are you convinced yet? You should be. Consider us match-makers. We're setting you up for a long-term relationship with your upholstery.

Call us, or visit us to find your dream sofas, chairs, beds, and ottomans.

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