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Design Trend: Go Green

We know everyone is all about going green for the environment, and don't get us wrong, so are we! But, this isn't what we're talking about this time. Today, we're talking about plant life.

Live plants, artificial plants, flowers, stems, we love it all.

In this small foyer, we chose to make a statement with this 7 foot fiddle fig tree. This tree didn't just add to the space, but it created the space.

We're also using tiny, adorable artificial plants like this concrete potted succulent to add that perfect pop of color to bookshelves.

This particular homeowner wanted to make their floral arrangements a part of their standard decor. And why not? Who says fresh flowers have to be for special occasions. We're creating a permanent space for our live florals more and more these days.

Greenery also adds a nice touch to those simple spaces that need a little "something" to make them feel complete. Here, we used palm leaves and little succulent stems in our makeshift vases.

If you have a black thumb, like most of us at ReFresh, then pay our store a visit for all of your artificial greenery, succulents, and herbs.

"Jalapeño business", "Let love grow", "We're mint to be"

And don't forget your plant pun pot.

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